Happy New Year!!

Destiny versus Fate Twenty-twenty will certainly be a monumental year. The beginning of a new decade, an election year, and plenty of reason for optimism if you handle it properly. In my esoteric studies of the I Ching, an ancient Chinese system of personal development, I have been particularly taken by the interpretation put forth […]

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Conscious Surrender:

Many years ago I began to notice when I worked with clients, similar council would be given repeatedly throughout a certain period of time. Even though situations and clients were different, the resolutions seemed to carry a collective theme and it is always interesting to see what simultaneous lessons the seekers I work with are […]

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Intuition is not psychic!

Most people believe that the terms intuition and psychic are interchangeable; I will assure you this is not true. While we are all born with deep intuitive abilities, psychic prowess is a hard wire that is very specific in its strength and direction and is in some individuals and truly absent in others. There has […]

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The Art of Transformation

I call transformation an art because there is no concrete science that guarantees a transformative experience; however, there are basics from which to start. The goal of the Clearing the Air workshop/retreat was to provide a springboard from which participants could assess their own needs and start on the path toward personal change into a […]

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The Gift of Receiving

I cannot tell you what joy I received from the conceiving, planning and executing the Clearing the Air retreat. The house we stayed in came to me as if by magic the moment I decided to put the event into motion. The team assembled effortlessly; a brilliant group of four, all outstanding in our individual […]

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A Ghoul Story

In the spring of 1980, when I was 30 and my son was six years old, we moved into a rental house in one of the older, but nicer sections of Houston, Texas. I was a young executive in charge of marketing for the southwest region of Lincoln Property Company and thrilled to have a […]

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I am pleased to introduce you to my friend, Valerie Daniel, and her remarkable work:

Clearing Ritual for Optimal Health and Personal Well-Being The clearing ritual is a technique using ancient tools to detoxify and align the body and etheric field for a healthier state of being. I am an energy clearer/healer and life coach.  I hold a B.A. in Psychology and an M.B.A and held Managerial and Director level […]

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A Return to Stillness

A Return to Stillness The New Year arrived to find friends, family, clients and especially me facing a reassessment in the essential nature of self. The poles are shifting; the climate is changing and this dimension called Earth is bringing new opportunity to explore uncharted territory. Those who know me well, see pretty much the […]

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I Believe in Magic

Dianna Bishop (a witch):  Common sense told me to remain silent, but the knotted threads of my own secrets began to loosen.  “I wanted to know how humans came up with a view of the world with so little magic in it. I needed to understand how they convinced themselves that magic wasn’t important.” Clairmont […]

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2012, Here We Come!!

I grew up in the south of Texas in a family that was a regularly attending member of the Southern Baptist Church. I don’t mean an occasional Sunday, but every Sunday, as well as Sunday night, and sometimes even Wednesday night for Bible Study. In the eighth grade, I had a Sunday school teacher that […]

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