The Art of Transformation

I call transformation an art because there is no concrete science that guarantees a transformative experience; however, there are basics from which to start. The goal of the Clearing the Air workshop/retreat was to provide a springboard from which participants could assess their own needs and start on the path toward personal change into a happier, calmer and more fulfilled person/life.

I truly love the fall, a time of deep earthly transformation. Valerie Daniel, Onkar, William Howell and I used this seasonal change as a symbolic and literal time to further the work of helping our participants’ change by laying down new understandings and providing a safe place to explore themselves. I deepen and strengthen through the practice of breath (the spirit), explaining its influences on the body, mind and emotions. I coached each person into a full, healthy diaphragmatic breath. Combined with breath, Valerie took participants into the mind — its fears, irrational thoughts and erratic obsessing — showing the path out of mental traps. Together these two teachings acted as powerful tools to calm and diffuse any obstacles to wellbeing.

Kundahlini yoga is the yoga of breath and Onkar used her extraordinary intuitive ability to decide what each class needed in movement and meditation. The foundational experiences of breath, yoga, meditation and calming negative thinking only served to enhance each individual destiny life reading and clearing ritual.

The mental, emotional and physical cleansing was brilliantly supported by William who put enormous effort into providing elegant vegan meals that both delighted the palate and detoxed the body.

The group was blessed with powerful emotional clearings and even physical healings. Asthma disappeared (at 9000 feet), joint pain went away, deep-seeded grief was lessened, and old pain and regrets surfaced to be readdressed in healthy ways. For some, one particular aspect of the retreat may have seemed more beneficial, but the value is the totality of experience that gave each person a foundation and the tools of self-facilitation to take away and use again and again.

Personal transformation is truly an art of individual calling since what speaks to one will not speak another, the magic exists in setting the intention to live your destiny, and then, to begin the journey.

Category : Insights Posted on November 10, 2014

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