The Gift of Receiving

I cannot tell you what joy I received from the conceiving, planning and executing the Clearing the Air retreat. The house we stayed in came to me as if by magic the moment I decided to put the event into motion. The team assembled effortlessly; a brilliant group of four, all outstanding in our individual calling.

The retreats filled quickly, the first in merely six hours and the second in a couple of days. Then it began to morph slightly with a couple of cancellations and those spaces filled as if there were some great synergy guiding the perfect order of group dynamics. During both retreats, I watched the energy build as perfect strangers opened their hearts and souls to one another. I saw the light come into everyone’s eyes as realization and understanding dawned. The illusion was that I was giving, but the truth is, I was receiving. I was receiving inspiration, intuitive guidance, insight and a deep connection that was sweet, unique and special with each individual and group.

The biblical quote goes “as you give, so you shall receive.” I was taught by a meditation teacher years ago that actually, “as you receive, so shall you give.” I do believe that it is a two way street. Just when you seem to be giving the most, you are actually filling up your life.

Thank you to all who gave so freely to me.

Category : Insights Posted on November 10, 2014

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