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Destiny versus Fate

Twenty-twenty will certainly be a monumental year. The beginning of a new decade, an election year, and plenty of reason for optimism if you handle it properly.

In my esoteric studies of the I Ching, an ancient Chinese system of personal development, I have been particularly taken by the interpretation put forth by the brilliant philosophers Carol Anthony and Hanna Moog. My attraction to their work is based on 30 years of working with clients who model repeatedly Anthony’s and Moog’s I Ching clarification that destiny and fate are choices, very definitive ones.

The fatalistic journey is one in which you believe you are in control and when life doesn’t match your agenda, you become angry, frustrated, depressed and blame filled. These emotional states cut you off from your divine source and, therefore, your intuitive guidance. Although these emotions are quite natural and perhaps healthy in the short term, they eventually become fatal to your wellbeing and your future. You become aligned with the ego and whatever form of arrogance or victimization it takes. Dictating the “right” circumstances of life forces you to enter a fatalistic spiral that only gets worse and more disappointing as you continue down the path. You unintentionally separate yourself from divine energy and from helpers, guides and teachers.

You begin to manifest the things you believe are true, such as “Life is wrong”, “Life is out of harmony”, “Life is not working”, “I never get what I want” or “I am not enough.” In this defeatist state, you go it alone with no divine help available to you. Worse yet, you join a collective ego group that ratchets up the volume screaming their discontent with life. Friends, family members, associates, and organizations all appear to conspire in confirming one another in anger and resentment becoming a vitriolic cauldron of fatalistic alignment.

The Destiny we all have access to is certainly fraught with challenge and even hardship, but the personal peace that resides there is more than worth it. For destiny realizes that no matter what life is presenting, the universe is harmonious and there is purpose in everything. That is the understanding from which the true heroes in this world pull blessing out of disaster. Destiny resides in acceptance of what is, connecting with divine source, calling on your sage and asking for the appropriate helpers to show you where to go, what to do… and then listening and waiting for the answer. For only through divine connection does anything really purposeful manifest in this world. When you rid yourself of the personal and collective ego and align yourself with the greater cosmos (a much more powerful and fulfilling source) the true magic of life takes place.

Serendipity and synchronicity abound as life takes on a more mystical quality. The serenity prayer is a perfect expression of divine destiny – “God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.” Prayer can be so powerful for yourself and others when you pray not for what you want but for highest and best good for all and then are willing to embrace life as it presents.

The greatest pinnacle of change comes with accepting the now of what is in your life and in the world with an open heart, whether you like it or not. Be willing to give up polarized opinions filled with self-righteous rage or sadness and open the mind to contemplative exploration. Marcus Aurelius, the Roman emperor and philosopher, in his book Meditations said, “We have the power to have no opinion about a thing and not let it upset our state of mind – for things have no natural power to shape our judgements.”

Start this year, by regularly moving into silence, opening space within yourself, creating a sacred environment around you and being willing to stay present and breathing as you embark on a journey into the higher realms of your own being. This journey lines you up with your calling and brings personal truth into realization. The Hebrew word “tally” means the dew that falls from heaven. So, like tally, quite natural destiny will fall upon you from on high.

Kundalini Rising Retreat

In October of 2019 I held a very small retreat for only 10 participants at the 200-acre farm in Charlottesville Virginia of Helen Dragas. In this stunning environment, a slightly modernized home built in 1800 and an antique guest house accommodated ten people. The program explored the landscape of intuitive development and how it might apply to each participant. The day started with an hour and a half of Kundalini yoga designed to prepare each person for the days activities. I lectured, took participants into exercises, showed video support and music and ended each day after dinner with a one-hour Kundalini yoga gong bath before bed. Each day was designed to peel back layers and take the group deeper and deeper into their own intuitive source. Without exception, the group loved this retreat more than anything I have ever done.

I am intending on repeating this program later in 2020, although probably not in Charlottesville. Again, there will be a small group in an intimate setting. If you have any interest in being notified about the date, please let Sheri know via contact@marthacordell.com or (832)-330-4948. Sherie will establish a list and, since it is a limited group, it will be first come, first served. I would say that previous participants could do this one again because there is so much to absorb!

The retreat was phenomenal! Food was an A+; I love Kundalini yoga, and the sound baths, and it was extra special to practice in this group; the timing was “out of this world” powerful (full moon, energy); the property was gorgeous and felt pure; the people you bring together are remarkable, and I am grateful to have shared in this circle. … Additionally, for me, it was such a gift to have you share so much of your wisdom and experiences with us. I loved the I Ching, which has inspired me in greater understandings since the retreat, which I am sure will continue to unfold. …Meister Eckhart was a beautiful sharing, as well, and I loved the book. I so appreciated your encouragement to approach all of these types of things with a neutral heart as much as possible. … You, Martha, have helped me along the path of “believing” in that flow of love that is beyond words.


I really enjoyed the retreat! My favorite part is listening to you teach. I did also really like the yoga as well. I would like to have more of the same…for a future retreat. I have no complaints! I really enjoyed seeing everyone and most of all you!


Thinking about the 4 days in VA, I was quite happy with the event in all phases. The food was incredible. The morning yoga and gong show at night were superb. The site in all respects was pleasing. I was favored, of course, being the only guy and able to have such a private area in the basement. … The content of the retreat suited me fine. You had a diverse group and you put together an agenda that collectively met the goals you had for the group … You, being Martha, produced a “Martha” type performance. Your mind, of course, has no limits!


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