Intuition is not psychic!

Most people believe that the terms intuition and psychic are interchangeable; I will assure you this is not true. While we are all born with deep intuitive abilities, psychic prowess is a hard wire that is very specific in its strength and direction and is in some individuals and truly absent in others.

There has been great confusion that speaks to the spiritual connection between psychics, mediums, channeling and psychometry. These abilities are not spiritual gifts or magic, but simply personal aptitudes like those of people who are born able to sing or produce great art. We certainly don’t endow the singer or the artist with a connection to the divine.

Intuition, on the other hand, is a spiritual evolution by which the individual is becoming pure, open, clear and receptive to the voice of the soul and the super conscious. This is akin to a tuning fork that is unobstructed and free to hit clearer and clearer notes until the voice of divine prophecy is heard or seen.

Psychics, on the other hand, have earned a bad reputation in years past because often the people who displayed this ability were reading from the lower vibration of the lower chakras and picking up the fears, desires, and victimization of their clients. This could be used to perpetuate their own business, to talk to people on the other side like a carnival act, or perform other worldly channeling from unknown sources. Gypsies and charlatans have true abilities but no conscious or personal development intertwined in their message. Then there are those who believe themselves to be psychic and have little or no aptitude. You need to be very careful about who you allow into your psychic space and give influence to; this is very critical for your wellbeing.

The true gift comes through personal striving to be a better person — to know yourself at the deepest level. Not just knowing a decision is right, but why! The greater personal clarity you have for yourself, the more you are able to help others find solutions for their dilemmas.

Neither I nor anyone else can make you a psychic if the connections are not there, but I can help you in your pursuit to become a prophet, a seer, a medium, a channeler, or a psychometrist of the soul; and this, my friends, is the greatest gift of all.


Category : Insights Posted on December 16, 2015

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