Conscious Surrender:

Many years ago I began to notice when I worked with clients, similar council would be given repeatedly throughout a certain period of time. Even though situations and clients were different, the resolutions seemed to carry a collective theme and it is always interesting to see what simultaneous lessons the seekers I work with are coming to understand. The prominent message of this year so far is a concept I call conscious surrender.

We spend all or our lives believing that hard work, perseverance and tenacity are the keys to happiness and success. To be “a quitter” is to be a failure and denotes shame at one end of the spectrum and even treason at the other end. The white flag of surrender is always considered a last resort and the fate of one who has lost all hope of succeeding. I think we have been misinformed and mislead with these opinions and have suffered greatly as we continue to run through the gauntlet. People have stayed in destructive soul killing jobs, marriages and even family and friend relationships for the sake of never giving up. What is always attached to this destructive behavior are words like duty, responsibility, have to, must and should. Words that rationalize misery and make you a resentful participant or a martyr.

When I was in my early twenties, I use to watch a television show called “Kung Fu”. The story of a monastery trained Shaolin Monk who traveled the old west having spiritual experiences with all sorts of rough cowboy types. In one episode the hero was faced with a gunslinger who was calling him a coward. He looked at the man who was baiting him and said “Why do you think being a coward is a bad thing? A coward simply honors his limits while a hero simply honors his potential”. That whole concept mesmerized and amazed me. Something I always considered black and white, a reductionist concept, was not as conclusive as I had been led to believe. There are times to surrender and when that surrender is conscious and filled with peace and clarity, it can bring a fresh start and a renewed beginning.

Conscious surrender means you have considered your position, your intention, the level of fulfillment you are receiving and still the strongest desire or calling is to let it go; to walk away without a sense of failure – a retreat in strength. Conscious surrender allows you to change your mind. It actually has inspiration in it and opens you to divine guidance and clarity; a knowing that this is right. In 1995, I left corporate America, an 18-year marketing career and the potential for continued opportunity in that field to make a complete career change into doing breathwork and readings. Everyone said I would not make the money…I was making a mistake…it wouldn’t work. The calling was so strong that the very lean first few years were definitely worth it. I relaxed, did not stress out and took it one day at a time. I did not advertise or promote myself, but instead let word of mouth fuel my business while I stayed in quiet confidence and my business grew far beyond my wildest dreams.

Conversely, when I was head of marketing for a large real estate development company in Texas, our CFO, a very bright, incredible man in his 50’s, lamented to me one day that he disliked intensely what he did and he could not believe he let himself as an 18-year old kid decide what he would do with the rest of his life. He died a few years later of pancreatic cancer, an emotional indication of, according to Louise Hay, in a book she wrote called You Can Heal Your Life, a lack of joy in one’s life. So, as you ascribe to the certainty that you have no choices and that you are trapped – this belief most often becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

When you are at the end of the road, hit the wall or just can’t do it anymore – a retreat can be a retreat in strength. So, whether you are needing a break or to walk away completely, know that a conscious surrender is deceptively powerful. Not a surrender filled with anger, resentment and hopelessness, but one that resounds with a need to rest, restore and rethink the truth of who you are. A retreat that it is done consciously, peacefully and prayerfully can be a retreat that rebuilds, restructures and enhances your whole reality.

Real Magic was Real Magic

This past October, in a 12-bedroom 15-bathroom 10,00 square foot beach house right on the beach in Virginia real magic took place. Dr. Ray Henchel spear headed a 4 day retreat in which an over flow number of participants from all over the country came together to learn the protocol of personal journey. This is a self-empowering process enables students to use a specific meditative technique by which they learn to identify, meet and communicate with their spirit animal and their own individual teacher. The group explored personal questions and concerns: traveled into esoteric realms and felt the freedom of out of body movement.This retreat gave one the ability to answer their own questions, and to find private solutions to the complexity of life unencumbered by the personal preferences or beliefs of earthly teachers – and this my friend is REAL MAGIC!

It was an amazing week! I thoroughly enjoyed meeting and getting to know you; the ladies were an amazing group (would like to interact with them again); and I would definitely like to attend another retreat with Dr. Ray next fall.
Have a great autumn… thanks for everything! So much work and detail organization was required for this retreat and all of us appreciate your hard work!


I had a wonderful time at the retreat. I really enjoyed meeting and learning from Dr. Ray and hope to do some one on one healing with him in the future. I also enjoyed meeting all of the other ladies that attended-such a joy to be around other like minded people. I would definitely consider attending a future event with Dr. Ray.


I absolutely loved the retreat with Martha and Dr. Ray. Not only did I feel
comforted in a safe environment, I felt gently guided to go deeper than I
ever had before. The journeying with Dr. Ray was phenomenal… And, I have been so enjoying journeying on my own! I thought the schedule perfectly flowed, too.


Would definitely do another retreat with Dr. Ray in the Fall of 2019. I greatly valued learning the select fundamentals of journeying and experienced Dr. Ray as a good teacher of the this foundation. My thoughts on venue if appropriate to share… I would love the retreat to occur at Camp Lucy. Thanks for a wonderful retreat!


I wanted to express my deepest gratitude for including me in the retreat. It was life changing… and I enjoyed it with every cell of my being. So many miracles throughout the retreat for me. The vertical rainbow, meeting my teacher and spirit animal, and connecting to all those beautiful women. I especially connected with Katie, and we bumped into each other last week on a flight returning from different trips, no accident there! We are supposed to connect and will soon. I love your friendship, your guidance, and your wisdom. Hope to see you soon and again thank you from ALL of me. 🌟💛


Future Events

San Francisco – In September of 2019, I will be in the San Francisco bay area working in Menlo Park. I will be there the 8th-11th and will be taking a limited number of clients. That announcement will go out in July or early August

Kundalini Rising – I am in the process of Planning a three day, very small retreat for the fall in Charlottesville, Virginia. This retreat will be held at the 200-acre family farm of Helen Dragas. The Dragas estate is a stunning environment with a stately home, a river, waterfalls, and gently rolling hills. The theme of this retreat will be Kundalini rising, a unparalleled journey into intuitive and psychic development focused on a group of eight people maximum. This will afford participants lots of personal attention and time for in depth discussion. Details will be coming this summer.

Kundalini Opening – I am entertaining the idea of a retreat at Camp Lucy focusing on the movement of Kundalini energy as it connects to the 3<sup>rd</sup> eye, throat and heart. This connection opens you to deep and profound intuitive wisdom, forgiveness, and overall spiritual evolution. Onkar, the Kundalini practitioner I used in the first retreat in Colorado has moved to Austin, TX. If all works well, I will also be bringing in Brooke Binstock and Nicole Shaw to share their very deep spiritual understanding as it applies to their very different Kundalini yogic paths. More information will be available as timing gets clearer.

I encourage everyone to consider one of these retreats as a way to further develop your understanding of the true self. Pursuing our real purpose in this world –unveiling the authentic self.

Interested in future retreats? Call Sheri 832-330-4948 or for our special pre-notifications for any upcoming retreats and events.

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