The Tsunami of Thought

I am by no means a disciple of doom and gloom, end of days, Hopi predictions, or even Chicken Little. If anything, it is safe to say I tend to be a little too optimistic. The last several months, however, have given me reason for pause, as I look at the messages and insights I am receiving both at the personal level for some of you as my clients, and at the global level for the world. I see a new perception of freedom that is intensifying. This calling is shattering old templates of success, safety and happiness creating the need to redefine our lives and the world — a veritable tsunami of new thought.

At the individual level, I am encountering an influx of clients who are experiencing a great need to abandon the status quo. Refusing to be defined by their jobs, partners, friends, or families any longer, the cry for authenticity and individuality has never been stronger. This is quite a change from just one year ago when economic uncertainty loomed along with a need to draw back and be safe. Emerging from this tentativeness, a great hunger developed to free ourselves from the confines of complacency. There is a softer version of the ’60s happening within the individual psyche; a counter cultural revolution without violence or VW vans — a true peace march of the heart.

I see this new consciousness is playing out in work places where being trapped in unfulfilling jobs with tyrannical bosses is no longer the benchmark for success. Instead, a new internal courage is emerging to pursue dreams, ignite passions, and create independence. At the personal level, I am counseling many of you who are no longer willing to be complacent in acceptable, but otherwise unfulfilling, relationships and are moving toward healing or dissolving those relationships. I am seeing you release the beliefs, opinions, and actions of your family and community when it comes out of misplaced loyalty or the need to feel included and accepted. You are redefining your comfort zones.

This movement is a true break from patriarchal rules and confining beliefs while bringing dramatic personal changes leading to world chaos. Japan, is a classic example of a patriarchal society now shaken apart by mother earth and washed in a tsunami of quickly changing values.

There is nothing more destructive to the authentic self than the harshness of cruel, ridged dictators; so as you do your work in your personal life to free yourself from the forces of your own oppression, the world responds in-kind. Before any revolutions begin to rumble in the outer world, it has to begin in our individual hearts and minds.

Contrary to the popular belief, that “finding yourself” is selfish and separating, in truth when you are truly self-realized you find great commonality and community with all of life.

So could things get worse? Yes indeed, but as to where it will take us… I am optimistic!

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