Clearing the Air IV



A mystic is essentially a person who pursues a truth or understanding beyond those normally associated with the human experience. He or she may or may not be initiated into any number of spiritual or religious mysteries and may or may not have achieved the insight they are pursuing. What links all such people together is the belief in and pursuit of a transcendent truth that surpasses exclusively rational understanding or knowing. Source – wise geek


“I went to the woods because I wished to live deliberately, to front only the essential facts of life, and see if I could not learn what it had to teach, and not, when I came to die, discover that I had not lived.”

– Henry David Thoreau

Clearing the Air IV: The Modern Day Mystic

January 28 – February 1, 2017

In the rugged Texas hill country outside Austin, Texas, Clearing the Air IV – The Modern day Mystic, is returning to the town of Dripping Springs and the elegant enclave of Camp Lucy. This environment is perfect for the mystical journey Martha Cordell, Kathleen Barratt and Brooke Binstock will take you on – a journey to the true self.

Clearing the Air III and now IV are centered on the great truth that we are all beautiful mystical beings encased in a physical body and that our ability to connect with this source is the great secret of true power. In this retreat, Martha, Kathleen and Brooke will take you deeply into stillness, silence and the creation of space. These states bring one to deep insight and, combined with the subtly of breath and mindfulness, potentially unveil the true energetic light being you are. This trio of healers and teachers will support you in experiencing yourself beyond the confines of the body and the conscious mind. The synergy of experiences presented will create a profound exploration that forever changes your understanding of the authentic self and how you manifest reality in the world. Clearing the Air IV does an in-depth exploration of joy and happiness, the components of these states of being and how to access them in your own life.

Brooke Binstock will begin each day with deeply stilling Yin Yoga and a meditation session designed to create space in the body and awareness in the mind. Martha Cordell will present motivating lectures, meditations, videos, music, and exercises designed to inform and inspire, thereby impacting your thinking and belief. Kathleen Barratt will present the esoteric theories of the breath that she demonstrates by taking you into an exploration of breath unlike anything you have ever experienced. Kathleen is also providing each participant with a bio energy session designed to balance energy flow with the chakra system.

Spending this time with Martha, Kathleen and Brooke, along with the opportunity to be with people of like mind, heart and purpose, will have a long lasting transformational effect and be the greatest investment you can possible make…
an investment in YOURSELF.

Complementing Martha


Kathleen Barratt

Kathleen Barratt
Founder of Barratt Breath Institute
Roanoke, VA

Kathleen Barratt has all the qualities of a true avatar; she not only understands, but also embodies the teachings of some of the world’s greatest sages. A true healer herself, Kathleen is an expert in the complex sciences of breath and energy. She possess the unique ability to take deep spiritual philosophy and language it in a way that is easily comprehended, thereby changing lives and transforming consciousness. As a nationally recognized teacher, Kathleen conducts workshops and trainings in her own unique approach to Breathwork, which includes meditation, bioenergy and mindfulness. Kathleen has presented her work over the last 25 years in such prestigious venues as The Association of Research and Enlightenment (the Edgar Cayce Foundation, the ARE), The International Society for the Study of Subtle Energies and Energy Medicine Conference and The Elizabeth Targ Research Project conducted through the California Pacific Medical Center in San Francisco. Kathleen is the founder and CEO of the Barratt Breath Institute. Her work has deeply impacted thousands of people through private sessions and group workshops and provided mentoring and healing for a multitude of students and clients.

Brooke Binstock

Brooke Binstock
Yin Yoga Instructor
Austin, TX

Brooke Binstock is blessed with both an open mind and an open heart and in pursuit of these qualities Brooke has achieved a Master’s degree in Social Worker from Brandeis University, a yoga teacher training certification from the esteemed Kripalu institute. In addition Brooke completed Dharma yoga training, studied the elements of Tibetan heart yoga and immersed herself in the practice of yoga therapeutics. To put the icing on the cake, Brooke is a licensed massage therapist and healer. As a teacher Brooke gravitates toward slower more meditative practices, like Yin Yoga, encouraging her students to slow down and settle into stillness.

Camp Lucy


The retreat campus offers individual cabins recently constructed and luxuriously appointed with every comfort, yet blending into the rural environment. A pavilion with Greek pillars, a church with Italian and South American holy artifacts, a dining/event center that replicates the best of Texas dance halls; this is the environment in which Martha, Kathleen and Brooke will create a powerful opening, a true portal into the world of the mystical self.


Clearing the Air IV Details


  • Price: $2150 for semi-private accommodations and $2850 for private.
  • Call to make a reservation Sheri Howell at 832.330.4948 or
  • Payment: $500 non-refundable registration fee to hold your space, specifying at that time private or semi-private accommodations. Total Payment due December 29, 2017; if anyone cancels their reservation after the final payment on December 29 is due and paid, they will forfeit the entire event amount.
  • Payment includes: Entire retreat and materials; arriving Sunday afternoon and leaving on Thursday before noon, includes all group sessions, four night room accommodations at luxurious Camp Lucy. Dinner Sunday night – Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday (except dinner Wednesday night) and breakfast Thursday morning. Private and semi-private rooms will be assigned on a first-come, first-serve basis.
  • Price does not include: Airfare, car rental or transport to Camp Lucy (we will give you the phone number for Scott who will transport you via limo). Any special food items you may wish to bring. The last dinner on Wednesday night is ‘dutch treat’ at Creek Road Café. Brooke Binstock will be offering massage on site at Camp Lucy.
  • Clothing: Please bring very casual clothes suitable for Yoga, sitting meditation, lying down, movement and comfort. Bring comfortable indoor shoes and hiking shoes, there are trails on the back of the property if you wish to participate in any outdoor activities.
  • Additional thoughts: You may bring yoga mats if you prefer your own, however, Camp Lucy will be providing them. Please do bring a journal or note-taking material. Caffeine is allowed for this retreat. Homework will be assigned ahead of time in the form of specific meditations and reading material. All participants will receive detailed instructions.