I am pleased to introduce you to my friend, Valerie Daniel, and her remarkable work:

Clearing Ritual for Optimal Health and Personal Well-Being

The clearing ritual is a technique using ancient tools to detoxify and align the body and etheric field for a healthier state of being.


I am an energy clearer/healer and life coach.  I hold a B.A. in Psychology and an M.B.A and held Managerial and Director level positions in three high-tech international corporations over a span of twenty years.  My first love in my corporate life was developing the potential in those people I managed.  I was also an avid student of meditation and associated spiritual practices in my private life.  In 2005, I took a six month sabbatical to devote myself fully to spiritual practices in Australia.  In 2006, I was invited to participate in rigorous training and initiation to become a professional Clearer.  Since that time, my gift of healing has continued to develop and evolve and my skills as a Clearer have intensified.  I left the corporate world in December 2012 to devote myself, fulltime, to my passion of helping people live more fulfilled lives.

What is a Clearing?  The removal (clearing) of negative, energetic blocks that hold clients back from living in a free and empowered way.  The clearing is a ritual involving three elements:  (1) powerful chants with increasingly high vibrations, (2) the intention and aspiration of the client to clear something, and (3) a beautiful, high, spiritual connection that lifts and dissolves the unwanted influence.  Nothing is cleared that the client is not willing to clear.  Things ARE often cleared that were not consciously planned, but are the result of the client’s openness to be free of all that which holds him or her back and the Connection’s impulse to do so.

 What are negative energetic blocks?   Negative energy has a stickiness and heaviness to it.  If we do not process it and move it through our system effectively, it literally takes up form in our bodies, weighing us down and blocking us from making decisions, taking action, opening our hearts, etc. in ways that we desire.  These influences are quite common and can take many forms.  Some of the most prevalent forms are:  (1) a dysfunctional cord (an etheric connection to someone  with whom we were formerly close where the relationship has gone bad and the connection is now being used to communicate pain, anger, distress, etc., either intentionally or unintentionally); (2) external energetic influences that take up resident in our bodies when our natural protective energetic barrier is weakened; and (3) crystallized emotion or blocks to feeling, inherited as a part of a family system or built over time in this life.

Symptoms:  Cords, crystallized blocks, and other negative influences drain our energy, muddle our thinking, create physical issues, stymy our ability to move forward with our lives and cause out of proportion anger, frustration, sadness and/or depression that don’t really feel like it belongs to us.  They can affect us physically, emotionally, and mentally and there is typically a sense that “this just isn’t me”.

What to Expect from your Clearing:  First, I conduct an intake session, typically over the phone.  The clearing itself is done in person and takes about 1 hr.  During that hour, we locate what is to be removed and then I conduct the ritual.  The ritual requires that the client lie still, with eyes closed, offering up that which he or she wishes to clear.  The ritual itself takes between 20 -25 minutes.  The clearing is followed by a debrief, by phone, within 2 weeks after the clearing.

Each clearing is unique to that individual; thus, the immediate and long-term results of a clearing are different for each person.  These results can be subtle or dramatic.  Right after the clearing, some feel light, energized or even euphoric.  Others experience fatigue, headache, etc. and the need for long naps and additional sleep while their energy rearranges.  Some feel absolutely normal.

No sugar, caffeine, meat (seafood is fine), alcohol, tobacco, recreational drugs, or sex are allowed for 24 hrs. before and for 24 hrs. after the clearing (with the exception of caffeine, which is allowed but not optimal,  AFTER the clearing).  

The reason for these requirements is as follows:    Sugar, caffeine, alcohol, tobacco, recreational drugs and sex are all substances or activities that can be highly addictive.  Sticky, heavy energy is often connected to addictive elements.  It is much easier to clear the energy when addictive elements are not present in the client’s body.  The reason for abstaining from meat is that meat grounds a person’s energy and, for a clearing, the client’s energy needs to be as light as possible.  In addition, there is always debris after a clearing.  This debris will go away naturally, but partaking in any of these items for 24 hrs. after a clearing, delays that natural clearing process.

Contact: To learn more or to schedule a clearing, contact me at valerie@valeriedaniel.com, call 512-627-0719 or visit my website: www.valeriedaniel.com.


 I wasn’t quite sure what to expect with an “energy clearing” but after meeting Valerie in person, I immediately trusted her and was excited to experience this for myself.  What I felt was waves of powerful energy, concentrating in different areas of my body as it moved through me.  Valerie’s energy is so powerful that I could feel her words almost tangibly as she chanted, like waves pouring out of her into me. And by the time the session had ended, I felt so complete and peaceful.  It was beautiful. I noticed some immediate changes the next day; not only physical improvements, but also in my general attitude. Things that would have irritated me before were all of sudden just rolling right off, seeming almost comical now. My clearing was over a month ago and all of these positive shifts remain. If you are stuck or just feeling blah but can’t quite put your finger on what you need, I highly recommend Valerie.  You’ll be amazed with the results.  B. Parent – Austin, TX

“I have known Valerie Daniel for 15 years and through that association, I am certain that Valerie possesses both the power and the heart to be a profound healer.  In both experiencing and observing Valerie’s clearing work, I have seen astounding results; lives change for the better, people relax and become happy, but most of all, the opportunity for realizing true destiny is returned.”  M. Cordell – Vail, CO

 “Valerie’s connection to source and impeccable ability to heal is potent and thorough. As a result of working with her there is a distinctive difference in my bearing and perspective pre-clearing and post-clearing.  She has, in effect, surgically lifted and removed that which needed to be cleared. The grace of Valerie’s gift is mighty.”  S. Carter – Atherton, CA

“My session with Valerie was a result of blind faith.  Not in her, as I did not know her personally and certainly had no exposure, history or knowledge of her unique gift.  My seeing her came from a strong suggestion from Martha Cordell, an intuitive who has successfully guided me for the past 6 years. What resulted from my session with Valerie was freedom.  Not only freedom from whatever had a hold or influence on me, but freedom from myself, freedom from my automatic reaction to events, sounds and smells.  What screwed me up most was that movie in my head of how things were “supposed to be”.  Valerie turned that tape off.”   D. Bruce – Buenos Aires, Argentina

 “I am a positive person, hard-working and talented, but nothing was working in my life; something was interfering that I wasn’t able to access.  I knew Valerie could help me.  There are angels on planet Earth to get us through dark moments and Valerie was one of mine.  After the clearing, the entity, which we suspected had been with me a long time, was gone and I felt free.  Two weeks after the clearing, I left a dead-end job, moved across the country to the beach, and took back control of my life.  I still had challenges, but could see the future again.  God bless Valerie.  I cannot recommend her highly enough.”  A. Mulroney – Virginia Beach, VA

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