A Ghoul Story

In the spring of 1980, when I was 30 and my son was six years old, we moved into a rental house in one of the older, but nicer sections of Houston, Texas. I was a young executive in charge of marketing for the southwest region of Lincoln Property Company and thrilled to have a home in a very good neighborhood. Little did I know that the house would change my life and my beliefs forever.

At this stage in my life, I had given very little thought to beings of light and dark residing in other dimensions. My psychic abilities were coming on strong along with my ability to see auras (the colors around people). This made it all the more surprising that I noticed nothing amiss as we moved into our new house. The house was old, built in the late ’50s, and seemed to need a tremendous amount of cleaning. I tore into cleaning, painting, wallpapering, polishing floors, but no matter what I did the house never felt clean.

As the first few months went on, my son began to complain that something bad was in his room at night and he would come and get into bed with me. I assumed he was just adjusting to a new environment and he would soon get comfortable with his new room; but months went by and he became more insistent that he could not sleep in there. In an effort to calm his fears, I bought a big, thick white candle and placed it by his bed. I told him this candle would be a light to protect him, and as long as the candle was burning nothing could come into his room that wasn’t good and kind. I lit the candle, fully intending to come back and blow it out after he went to sleep – that never happened. At 2:00 in the morning, I awoke to someone pulling on the sleeve of my tee shirt that I was wearing. Thinking it was my son, Keith, I mumbled, “What?” Then there was another distinctive tug. I opened my eyes and looked to my left only to find no one there. Then, the flickering light from the candle in Keith’s room caught my attention, and before I could consider that I had fallen asleep and left it burning, I saw something that both stunned and horrified me.

Standing in the doorway of my bedroom and looking directly into my son’s room was a tall, grey figure dressed in a monk’s robe complete with a hood and protruding from the sleeves of his garment were bones for hands. At first I could not believe what I was seeing, and I rubbed my eyes vigorously several times, but the apparition remained. As it peered into Keith’s room, the ghoulish creature was gesturing with its boney hand to someone or something behind it to come on. I realized very quickly that it was not aware I was awake and watching. I thought frantically about what I should do next. Fortunately, there was a three-tier lamp beside my bed. I decided that if I turned on the light, this ghoul and whatever it was beckoning would leave. I reached up slowly, grabbed hold of the lamp switch and accidentally turned on the one lamp I had been using for meditation that had a green bulb in it.

The scene was instantly bathed in a green light. The surprise and shock on the face of this demon was easy to see as it whirled around, threw its hands in the air and went completely effervescent in the green light, melting away right before my eyes. As soon as the creature disappeared, I flew out of bed and raced into my son’s room to make sure he was all right. Keith lay curled up in a fetal position under the cover, a position in which he never slept. It was as if he was anticipating the danger. I decided to leave him alone, afraid I would scare him if I woke him up and he was too heavy to carry into my room.

Urgently, I grabbed the phone and called a friend who professed a strong belief in and knowledge of what she called “low astral entities. ” As I began to tell her the situation, a very loud banging commenced that sounded as if someone using a wrench or hammer was banging on pipes. I had never heard this sound before, nor did I ever hear it again after that night. This sound was so forceful and frightening that I literally held the phone out from my ear and screamed, “do you hear that?” My friend confirmed she did hear it. She told me to imagine a tornado of white light coming down from heaven turning counterclockwise, going to the source of the sound and removing the evil that was there. This technique worked miraculously, and the sound stopped immediately when I applied the light technique to it. It dawned on me later that the ritual of lighting the candle and affirming that nothing bad could enter actually made it difficult for the dark entities to get in Keith’s room.

The next day, I approached my neighbor and asked him if anything weird had gone on in that house before I moved there. He looked very surprised and said, “you mean you don’t know?” He proceeded to tell me that a young couple with a little boy about Keith’s age lived there before me and the whole neighborhood awoke one night to helicopters, spotlights and a police swat team screaming “come out with your hands up.” My home had been a terrorist center and the garage was filled with bombs, grenades and high-powered weapons. Although the bombs and weaponry were gone, the anger, hate and resentment that filled that house had attracted something just as life threatening.

This experience opened my eyes to the truth that evil does exist in this world. Even if you believe everything is created by and in the divine light of God, there is an element that is not connected to this light — does not want to connect with this light — and is willing to interfere with your experience or connection to the divine. There are many different and challenging scenarios that try to disconnect you from the divine: they range from anger, disappointment and depression that create feelings of separation; to unhappy, discarnate souls or ghosts who roam the earth and try to attach themselves to unsuspecting people; all the way to full blown possession by demonic spirits.

Should we all then live in fear or hyper-vigilance? Of course not! That, in and of itself, attracts the negativity we hope to avoid. Instead, think of your life as a pool of water. Poisonous snakes, alligators and monster fish live in murky, dirty, contaminated water. In contrast, clean clear waters support bright and beautiful marine life. We can all incorporate a few important actions into our daily lives to sustain and protect us. They are:

Keep your thoughts clear, clean and filled with optimism;
Keep your emotions peaceful, kind and loving;
Eat a diet full of healthy, fresh, living food;
Involve yourself with people who are supportive and loving;
But most of all have reverence for yourself and your spiritual connection to the divine nature of life.

With these actions, we may create our own clean, clear pool of water. This lifestyle allows your light to shine bright, which is the ultimate shield against the ghouls, both physical and astral, that may occasionally show up around you.

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