martha-cordell-aboutFrom the 1970s to mid-90s Martha held high level executive marketing positions for large nationwide real estate development companies. Her professional marketing background coupled with an innate intuition gives Martha deep understanding of people, both individually and collectively. After 28 years of practicing and teaching Kundahlini and Hatha yoga, traveling to India and studying multicultural healing arts and the science of breath, Martha’s own natural healing gifts emerged. Her talent is displayed by combining energy transference to the client while prompting their breath she uses her incredible intuitive abilities with Destiny Life Coaching and Destiny Life Readings to assist in bringing awareness and understanding to the dynamics of her clients’ lives. Martha resides in Vail, Colorado and she works with clients both domestically and internationally.

Destiny Life Reading …
Sessions may be scheduled in person, over the phone or via Skype, each is equally effective. Readings go beyond the predictive to give one a broader perspective of past and future events and how they tie together in the great continuum we call life.

  • 60 minute session: $250 for existing clients that have had a session within the last year
  • $290 for new clients or clients that have not scheduled in 1 year (includes a recording at no additional charge)
  • All in-person readings in Vail, Colorado, for new and existing clients:  $290.00 per 60-minute appointment
  • Travel – to your city – in-person readings for new and existing clients:  $290.00 per 60-minute appointment
  • $170.00 for 30 minutes (Not available for first-time clients or in person sessions).
  • Couples or partner reading is $325.00 and both parties must be present in person or on a conference call.
  • For existing clients recordings are optional and are sent via email or USPS for an additional charge of $20.00

Destiny Life Coaching…

Going beyond understanding into action

Destiny Life Coaching provides you with the opportunity to take action toward accomplishing your life goals. The coaching process begins with a Destiny Life Reading to give us the overview and an intuitive assessment of where you are in your life. The next step entails an in depth evaluation questionnaire that gives a detailed format to your goals and helps us clarify the obstacles that impede your true destiny. The third step will be centered on an in depth conversation to confirm your short term goals, long term goals, and arrive at the obstructions to your success. Step four is the creation of a personalized meditation, relaxation, affirmation digital recording that you will listen to as revealed to us and prescribed during this process. This will be coupled with additional actions geared to the manifestation of your destiny.
Destiny Life Coaching can be tailored to a long term or a short term process. The results will set you on a strong trajectory to deepen and strengthen your true sense of the authentic self, which is always the goal of life in this dimension.

  • Existing clients may schedule a personalized assessment and recording for $325.00
  • New clients or clients I have not worked with in 6-months need to begin with a Destiny Life Reading in addition to the assessment to create the personal digital recording for $575.00
  • Ongoing reevaluations may be scheduled on an individual basis in ½ hour segments are $170.00

Destiny life coaching is suitable for adults & children.
Coaching session are organically tailored to each persons individual needs.

Destiny Light Transference …
Demonstrates profound physical restorative results and impacts changes in life situations. Martha uses her ability to transmit universal life energy, as her work stems from the understanding that at our source we are all powerful light beings. As we connect with our light more fully, we live healthier more productive lives — which is our true destiny.

  • 60 minute session: $250
  • Travel – to your city – in-person readings for new and existing clients:  $290.00 per 60-minute appointment

Breath Redirection…
Helps one unlock restricted breathing patterns. These patterns set up lifelong emotional, physical, and mental templates of pain and restriction. Learning to breathe in a joyful, peaceful manner is innate in all of us and supports the natural spirit we are designed to express.

Martha observes the breath to interpret and help one begin to redirect the breath into deeper channels. These deeper channels awaken long dormant energy centers aligned more closely with the soul and the innate wisdom of the individual. This redirection is designed to synchronize the inner and the outer realty so that one is able to manifest their highest destiny by releasing unconscious restrictive and destructive patterns of thought and behavior.

  • 90 minute session: $295
  • Travel – to your city – in-person readings for new and existing clients:  $290.00 per 60-minute appointment

Destiny Life Reading and Light Transference…

  • 120 minute session: $475.00
  • Travel – to your city – in-person readings for new and existing clients:  $290.00 per 60-minute appointment

Reading Between the Lines — an intuitive look at correspondence…
An intuitive look at your correspondence… This service is designed to help you look more objectively at the correspondence you receive. Without benefit of body language, facial expression or intonation, the written word can be more difficult to interpret. Whether it is a short hand-written note, a letter, or a stream of email exchanges, Martha is able to present an intuitive translation by sensing the true meaning and intent of the correspondence.

  • Service begins at $50 for a short note (2-3 lines) and goes up depending on the length and complexity.

Partnership Counseling…
Relationships still stand as one of the most poignant opportunities for personal growth in this great and complex world. Living in this confluence of fast moving new ideas as they collide with traditional beliefs brings conflicting views as to how relationships should work. However, entering into partnerships consciously, understanding the attraction, lessons and destiny inherent in each unique relationship gives deep insight into the self, life, and the choices that need to be made for one’s self and ones partners. Whether the partnership is personal or professional, the level of satisfaction correlates directly to the level of understanding one possesses. This understanding helps partners decide when to stay together, when to go, what to expect and what to surrender. Since others are always our mirror, partnerships tell you what you really need to know about yourself. In this one hour and 15 minute consultation, both parties must be present, either by phone or in person. So whether it is mother, father, brother, sister, lover or business partner – there is a message and a path for both to explore.

  • 75 minute session: $325.00
  • Travel – to your city – in-person readings for new and existing clients:  $290.00 per 60-minute appointment

Clearing Space…
You all have had the experience of walking into a room, house, or office
that just does not feel good. For the most part, these “feelings” come
from angry, depressed or generally unhappy past or present occupants.

In “Clearing Space” I will first do an assessment of the severity of the
clearing needs and general emotional unhappiness is easily removed
and the space returned to lighter, brighter environments. This clearing
process, like yearly or bi-yearly spring cleaning, makes habitation more
enjoyable so you are not re-experiencing old emotions left in a home or
office space. This is a very powerful advantage when selling or renting
homes or office space.

In some incidences more serious matters are at work, like earth bound
spirits, or dark possessions of the house or land. I do not work with
these situations. I can refer you to other practitioners in these more
severe situations.

My fee for clearing a space — home, office, building, land — is set on
a per request basis and will be agreed upon with the client before any
work is performed.

Emergency Appointments – Pricing:   Martha’s schedule has been determined for the most auspicious presence for her clients and at the same time with respect to her optimum well-being.  With this being said, she very much wants to be available during times of crisis.  If you need an urgent appointment, outside her normal schedule,  please call – and know that there will be an up-charge of $25 for a ½ hour session – and a $50 up-charge for an hour session.

Appointments are scheduled by Sheri Howell

 48-hour cancellation or rescheduling is required, if not all fees apply.  

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